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Hôm nay 06-08-20

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Sai Gon Incubators

( 01-01-1970 - 07:00 AM ) - Lượt xem: 1147

Start producing incubators since 2015, Sai Gon Incubator is a leading incubator manufacturer from Viet Nam, with products covering over Viet Nam country wide.

Sai Gon Incubator is a company with sophisticated knowledge for design and manufacturing of incubators.

Sai Gon Incubator produces large scale incubators and mini scale incubators for family, including multistage incubators and single-stage incubators, and hatchery automation equipment. 

The incubators including chicken egg incubators capacity from 30 egg to 10000 egg for single-stage incubators, 12000 to 90000 egg capacity multi-stage incubators; turkey egg incubator/duck egg incubator capacity 12000 to 42000 egg capacity; and also goose egg incubator, quail egg incubator, and others.

Sai Gon Incubator concentrates in supplying high quality products and services, with all products using high quality materials and parts, and getting satisfactory hatchability results.